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Who is Natalie Dzhura?

This is my story of finding myself and my purpose in art. Direction is the science that I’ll study all my life. My goal is to open stories, give the world my view on things and help others find their voice and senses


I spent four years studying theatre direction under the supervision of Bychenko N. However, after a while life has led me to Ukrainian Film School, where I changed my development vector and started to shoot under the supervision of Tkachenko T.


Now, I am working on short and long films that will see the world in a while. Films are the most precious things that I went into the profession for - and continue to go. Nevertheless, the biggest insight for me was the work on the social and educational projects


I am a teacher of directing and camerawork. I had never thought of teaching until I opened for myself my ability to become not only a teacher, but also a friend that will be able to explain the material in the appropriate way. My method of work lies in the idea that the theory should become practice as soon as possible, either for adults or for youngsters


An director and an author of a film «How to become a cherry» (in production) by Nova Film production with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Fund. A director of full-length film «King Matsus the First» (in the production)


Films / Advertisement / Music videos / Educational videos


In a different way

Short film


Call sign «Teren». Fighting for inclusivity

Documentary video


Find yours in the shelter



How to become a cherry tree

Teaser to film


TIARA «Stop»

Music video


Address coin, microchip, and a QR-code coin

Educational video


BI Prozorro - what is it?

Art Director


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Charity holidays for Bucha children

I like working with children, but here I needed a special approach. Twenty one children felt the magic of cinema and could unwind from the war - and that was our main goal. Our mission is «To save a childhood» as it’s very important for our nation now

I have cooperation with

Creative works


Ukraine in the center of Lublin

Student films «She, the pianist», and «In a different way» that were chosen for the festival «Ukraine in the center of Lublin» in Lublin, Poland


UNCG Ukraine

A video for UNCG Ukraine «Fear is not a trigger for a murder». The video was made with the support of Rufford Small Grant. The video was enlisted in the short list of the festival «Molodiya Festival»


Happy Paw

A video for the charity Happy Paw in the advertisement campaign «Find yours in the shelter». The video was chosen for the short-list in the festival «Molodiya Festival».


The film «How to become a cherry»

Film is in production now. It was shown in Marche du Film Cannes International Film Festival 2022

Feedback about my work
The atmosphere of working with me :)

A photo from the shooting for Happy Paw charity in the project «Find yours in a shelter». It’s a big advertising campaign that went through all Ukraine. I like joining such events, as I have got my own position and adore animals

My work with children is the whole other world. I am a teacher and work with children of different ages. I tend to explain their tasks and work in the cadre quite easily - we become friends in the twinkling of an eye. It's a very important part of work for me as for a professional

Shooting for the Happy Paw charity. Together with a team, we created amazing videos with animation that were shown in Ukrainian schools and taught children how to treat animals. Those videos are important for the upbringing of conscious generations in Ukraine

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